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My son is out on bond in Colorado. He is coming to floor until next courtesy. What happens if caught in floor?

West Palm Beach, FL |

They are misdemeanor charges! If buccaneers he's pulled over influence will they arrest him?

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I hope someone else understands your question as I'm lost. If leaving the court's jurisdiction is not barred under the rules of his bond (by court or bondsman) then I guess he's ok to "come to floor" but not sure about the buccaneers.

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Your son may have an issue in CO if he is restricted as a condition of his bond and gets caught traveling to Florida (or anywhere else) without permission, but no one in Florida will give a flying _________ whether he is here or not - in fact I'd go on a limb and say that we (Floridians) are generally happy to have tourists come here regardless of their bond status (provided of course that they don't decide to commit other crimes while here).

While Florida authorities won't question his right to be here, if I were your son I'd first check with my lawyer and bondsman and see whether or not he needs permission to travel, and if so then I would get it from the Court beforehand. (My practice and procedure for my clients who are on bond and wish to travel out of sate is to first secure a written order from the court granting permission to travel. It may prove unnecessary but it is good form nonetheless.)

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Your son needs to first look at his release papers to see what conditions he has and if it limits his ability to travel. He next needs to talk to his bondsman and his attorney. If he is not allowed to leave and Co finds outs and issues a warrant, then he will be arrested on his return.