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My son is out of the military with an honorable discharge but still on inactive duty. He has been arrested for burglary

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My son had all kinds of problems after he go out of Afghanistan. He was drinking and parting and trying to forget. He suffers from PTSD ,sleep dep., and anxiety. He faces burglary 2 and a number of other charges spread over 2 different counties . Is there anything that military can do to help him. He has finally got some medication for sleep. He isn't really sure what happened this year. He says it has all been like a dream. Is there any help or legal defense for these guys. My son is broken since he got back and his time spent serving our country has sacrificed not only his mental health,his own freedom and has limited his career opportunities. He is a good man and he had no where to turn. Do you have any ideas..

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You need to find a good defense attorney that understands veteran issues. It sounds like he needs to get into the VA. There are some good programs offered by VA and VA outreach centers. I know the VA outreach center in my area as many programs including dog therapy, fishing programs, ec

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On the medical side, he should be in touch with the VA.
Each area has an office that has counselors available.

There are a number of issues with combat related PTSD. There are a number of states that now have special courts dealing with veteran's with CPTSD. There are some special issues involved in defending a veteran so he should try to find a lawyer who is very experienced with military people.

Good luck, and thank him for his service.;; 703-298-9562, 800-401-1583. Answering your question does not create an attorney-client relationship.


I have a case very similar to this right now. Your son needs an attorney well versed in military issues and Veterans Administration (VA) programs. Your son needs to be screened for a PTSD diagnosis right away. A civilian physician may be faster than the VA, and he should pursue that immediately. He also needs to apply for a VA disability rating for PTSD as well as other possible injuries. This may secure medical benefits as well as additional (and tax free) income for life..

Many prosecutors will be sympathetic if his service ended in an honorable characterization of service. You should make certain they know about it and any VA and PTSD ratings. If he is diagnosed with PTSD, he should be prepared to discuss his treatment, and he should be fully compliant with all terms.

Now, the military will not send JAG officers down to defend him. The JAG is not chartered to do that sort of work, nor will the military fund his legal defense. Again, he needs an attorney and one that can address all of these issues. Good luck.

Steve Shewmaker