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My son is on Parole and is being accused of trespassing he says they are wrong what should he do?

Houston, TX |

my son has been on parole since september of 2011 and has no violations or problems He has been working since released and has a family now

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Has been arrested or does he believe he may be arrested on this charge? If either of these are true, he needs to hire a defense attorney as soon as possible to try to head this case off. If a new case is filed, a pv will also be filed. Then he will be held until the new case is disposed of and he has a parole hearing on the pv.

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I assume he was arrested for trespassing. That charge is a very common charge in Harris County. Parole probably will not revoke him over the charge but it is rather fact dependent and will also depend on how he has done otherwise.

He needs a lawyer to represent him on the criminal charge of criminal trespass.

Cynthia Henley


If he has been arrested, or charges have been filed, he needs either a lawyer who can handle both the parole and criminal case, or two lawyers - they are separate animals. If he has been arrested on a blue warrant for a parole violation, be aware that bond is not permitted, so don't waste money on a bond for the trespassing case. Also, be aware that a dismissal - or even a not-guilty from a jury - can still be cause for either a parole revocation or an incarceration sanction (called ISF, or Intermediate Sanction Facility) in the parole proceeding because of the different proof levels involved. He should not try to fight either of these by himself.

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