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My son is in CA prison system and I live in AR. How does he do a power of attorney for me to be the principal person?

Little Rock, AR |

I need to be able to handle some of his financial things and I am unable to handle some. How do we fill out the forms when they ask what state? His address of course is the prison address in CA but any bills come to my AR address. want to make sure I do this right. Thanks

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Your son needs to fill out the papers in the presence of witnesses in the prison and then send the POA paperwork to you.


As far as filling out a question on a form, we would need to see the question. He does not have to provide his state of residence, though sometimes when people draft POAs they do just to help to identify the person (e.g., John Doe of Anytown). In the same vein, the document may identify your residence to help identify you.

The jurat for the notary would be for the State and County in which the notary is commissioned.

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