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My son is charged with 4301.69(E)(1). What kind of penalty is he looking at? He turned 18 a month after this offense.

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He was a passenger in a vehicle with 4 other boys. 1 boy had a fake id and purchased a case of beer. The kid who purchased the alcohol never made it to the car, he took 2 steps out of the door and was arrested by undercover police. My son had not been drinking nor did he contribute money for the beer. He was being dropped off at home and the other boys were going to a party. He has since turned 18 and I'm worried that he can be facing jail time.

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First, get a lawyer as your son may have a defense to the charge.

If he should plead or if the charges are found "true" ("true" is basically the juvenile court equivalent of "guilty") then he could face up to 90 days, which is the juvenile maximum for each misdemeanor count. However, because he has turned 18 before disposition ("disposition" is basically the juvenile equivalent of "sentencing"), the court will have the option of imposing all or part of that time in jail rather than DH.

Depending on your son's record he may be eligible for a diversion program. Even if he isn't, it is far from a certainty that the court will impose much if any jail. An attorney may be able to work something out to keep jail off the table.

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