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My son is 24 and is charged with 1st degree domestic assault and Armed Criminal Action, What kind of jail time in Missouri?

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My son and his girlfriend were arguing. She picked up this oriental axe my son had on the wall and he was trying to take it from her, but it cut her hand and she also cut him a couple of times. She took off before the police arrived. My son was arrested when the police knocked on the door. He has 3 charges - 1st and 2nd degree domestic assault and armed criminal action. First Offense.

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First degree domestic assault is a class b felony, unless the victim is seriously injured, in which case it is a class a felony (RSMo 565.050). A class b felony has a max sentence of 5-15 years.

Second degree domestic assault is a class c felony (RSMo 565.060). A class c felony has a max sentence of up to 7 years, fine of $5,000.

A conviction for ACA carries a minimum sentence of three years for a first offense (RSMo 571.015).

All that being said, the situation and the specific facts can of course mitigate the length of the sentence and possibly even the charges themselves. No one here will be able to tell you what kind of time he will be facing, only provide you with the generic info above. The prosecutor, the courts, the facts - everything can influence how much time your son will actuall face.

Your son needs to get an experienced criminal defense attorney ASAP.

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