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My son is 19 and never been in trouble as an adult, he got arrested for family valiance will he spend time in jail

Dalton, GA |

My son was arrested for family violence , but has never been in trouble as an adult, he was using very bad language but didn't hit any one. They also got him for obstruction to an officer.

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It all depends on the totality of his record and the facts of this case. The best thing you can do for him is retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to minimize the consequences of this case. Feel free to call my office if I can be of assistance. Good luck.


Hire him an attorney.

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Give me a call at 404-985-9772 to discuss a way that this case could be dismissed. I used to practice in Dalton.


Family violence charges do not require the judge to sentence the offender to jail time; neither do obstruction charges. However, judges do not like these offenses and often give jail time to offenders who have committed these types of violations. Your son needs to retain an attorney to help with his defense.


Jail time is possible, but not required. Family violence is one of the few misdemeanors (perhaps the only one) where a conviction results in a LIFETIME ban on firearm possession. So while the case may be a police overreaction, tread very lightly and understand the full consequences of a conviction.

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Mr. Goldgerg seems to know the jurisdiction in which these charges were brought. Local knowledge is very important.

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