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My son has to go to court for child support, but he moved out a year ago

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i'm not sure on certain details, but he and his ex girlfriend were in mediation for child support, and custody (he was the respondent). He didn't agree with the mediators proposal, and it was left up to my sons ex-girlfriend to determine if she wanted to pursue it further in front of a judge or come to an agreement outside of court. This all happened JUNE of last year, we waited to receive a word from her or the court and heard nothing . Finally in February of this year, thinking it was all behind him, he moved to Georgia, then he left that state, and i'm not sure where he is.

Last week a letter came, from the court, saying he has to go back to court march next year, regarding the matter.
I've tried to locate him, but was not successful. what happens next? What will happen to my son

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They will most likely make a determination of child support without him, and then they will have to locate him to enforce it.

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we both felt this matter was finished, which is why he moved on with his life. he did wait for over half a year prior to leaving the county and the state. at this point is there anything i can do?

Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


I certainly understand why you feel this way, but until a final order is issued in a case, it is not over and the parties are not released from their obligations to appear in court and address the matter. If you can reach him, he needs to return and appear in court. You could retain an attorney to appear on his behalf.


If he does not appear, an order directing him to pay child support could be entered in his absence. He has a continuing obligation to notify the court of his address. The mother of his child/ren can move to enforce the judgment through the Florida circuit courts of the Department of Revenue.

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