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My son has paid for his child support, is denied custody, she has told her daugher that her father has abandoned him,

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His car has died and he cannot get to see her, mother won't answer phone, has a key to x-husbands apartment and will not give it back and has boyfriend living with her and is a past abuser and addict. I am afraid they are going to sabbatoge his apartment while he is not there as he has to stay at work with not car My husband is coming to help him but can't get there till at least tues. what should he do in the meantime.

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Let's take this in parts. First off having paid child support is important, but has nothing to do with parenting time rights in Connecticut and is seen as a completely separate issue. Because someone pays does not mean they have rights to see the child and conversely the failure to pay doesnt preclude parenting time. If he cant get to the child there isnt much a judge can do about that. I there is an order for phone contact and she is violating same, then a motion for contempt should be filed. If the boyfriend is dangerous, then your son needs to get a motion to either preclude this person from being around the child (very hard to do) or seek custody. As to the apartment being damaged, thats a police matter. Most importantly it is tragic if the mother makes negative statements to the child about the father. A court has difficulty regulating such statements. Again that leads to seeking a change in custody to protect the child. Sadly there isnt much, if anything, he can do before Tuesday besides keep trying to call and seeing a lawyer

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First, change the locks on his appartment, that does not cost too much and he should put on a deadbot, if he i computer .savy, he can buy a video camera device that sends picture to his computer which could be used to prove she is breaking and entering (if she does that) then he should call the police. He will need to bring a hearing before the court to explain the situation and any proof he has, it would be best if he has a good attorney and heshould ask for a change of custody, and if he can not get that expande visitation. How will he care for the child if he gets custody is also important. Will you be able to babysit when he is at work? You should also go to court with him. There should be a request for random drug testing!

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I am not sure what you mean by "denied custody". Do you mean that he has sought joint custody and was denied or do you mean that he has asked for visitation and is being denied? Please provide some additional information so that your question can be answered better.

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