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My son has just been reevaluated for SSI status and been denied. What is the best route to go for appeal? He needs it badly.

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He originally was diagnosed depressed before age 18. They put it down as bi-polar, and although he has shown a few emotional outbreaks over the years, it has been nothing violent or dangerous, and his coping has improved a lot. However, he has had multiple symptoms of physical disease and mental disease that could be something like Myalgic Encephalitis, but so far we do not have such a diagnosis. he is constantly sick with chronic fatigue, IBS, fibromyalgia, memory loss, occasional mental confusion, sleeplessness, etc. all of which are symptoms of ME. A few Doctors have treated some of the symptoms, but no one looks for the overall cause. he needs SSI for the Medicaid that goes with it, so we can continue to seek medical resolution. We are exhausted money wise and desperate.

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Contact an Austin, Texas attorney here directly that does Social Security Disability Appeals. They can get paid through SSD and may take the case on a contingent basis (ie. no fee unless they collect).

Clark County, NV practitioner.


It seems as if most folks are denied at least once. A SS Attorney in Austin will be able to help you, This type of case is a contingency case. An attorney is paid out of the money he/she gets for you. You will not be charged directly.

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