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My son has been bullied at school for a couple days ,after being very upset and school has done nothing.i told my son to protect

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himself .The following day it started again and my son hit him in the face ,now im getting a court summons to juvenile.If he gets in trouble beyond the 2 day in school suspension already served then this whole system is broken.any suggestions would be appreciated thanks

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You've let it go too far, and now your best option is to get your son a lawyer for the juvy action and an administrative law attorney for the school discipline if you want to fight it. First, if this other child ever threatened your kid, your first action should have been to call the cops, not wait for some school bureaucrat. Second, you should have gotten a local lawyer to send a legal letter to the other kid's parents, because as long as he is a minor, his parents are responsible for his action if they know, or should know of a particular propensity-the legal letter would have put them on notice. Then, you could have sued the parents civilly for whatever their kid did to your child. As for the school, you should have obtained the written district policy on bullying. They are obligated to follow it and investigate, but if their investigation does not turn up anything actionable in their opinion, they are not obligated to do anything further.

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