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My son got a DWI on Saturday morning. He has a cdl for work. If he loses his cdl then he loses his job. How can he keep it? Than

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Works for a huge reputable company. He needs to keep his cdl or he loses his job. This job is his life. This is his future. He knows he was wrong. He made a snap judgement that could impact the rest of his life. He has never been in trouble,not one day in his life. He has a great new place with his girl of 8 yrs. Yes, 8 yrs. They started dating at 15 and now when the time was right they moved in together. This has put a great strain on their relationship. If he loses everything else,I don't want to think about the what will happen

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He is in a very tough spot because even the Driving While Impaired infraction results in a loss of the CDL for 1 year. What was his BAC? I had a case a few years ago where I was able to get the client a moving violation and save his CDL.

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Unfortunately, any conviction for DWI or the reduced charge of DWAI would result in a loss of his CDL. He needs a good lawyer because his only shot of keeping his license would be successfully winning a trial.
Contact a good local attorney for consultation.

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Since his livelihood depends upon his CDL, get a good trial attorney and be prepared to hunker down if the prosecutor refuses to make an exception.

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Your need an attorney who can bring the case through trial because it is likely that he will have to fight the case all the way to have a chance at keeping his license. There are many facts about the case that you will need to discuss with an attorney. Some facts that will effect the case, and the ability to fight it, include the level of BAC, other moving violations charged and whether there was an accident. Understand that the prosecutor often hears the same tyoe of personal back-story that your son has, so it it not likely to help.

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I have handled these cases for 30 years and my office is statewide. Unless you win the trial he is going to lose his license for a year. I have won many DWI trials, but they are fact specific and I would need to know much more about his case to advise you. Your best chance is with an experienced attorney.Check uot my website and Avvo profile for ratings and reviews and the information you need to make the ll important decision as to which lawyer you retain.
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