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My son died & I received a wrongful death award of 50K. I am the administrator of his estate and only survivor.

Cranford, NJ |

My lawyer is stating that I need to hire a CPA to produce to him a certification that he does not owe taxes. He was 18, worked part time, does not owe any taxes and has no debt. Do I legally have to hire a CPA to get this certified? Everything I've read states that since it is a wrongful death award and is estate tax free. This is in NJ. Thank you.

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I'm sorry that I am unable to answer this question as I am only licensed in California. However hopefully you receive answers from some local attorneys who will be knowledgeable in regards to this issue. However, another possible source of information for you would be to just contact a accountant and ask them what their opinion is in regards to this matter. Also, I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss.

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I don't know NJ law so I can't answer your specific question but you might contact the probate court for guidance.


Your attorney may be talking about any income taxes that your son may have owed prior to his death. I suggest you clarify this.

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