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My son age 20 got arrested last night in Lowndes, County GA for DUI. He is on probation for misd. marijuana. what should we do

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Son, age 20 is in jail for DUI. Got stopped for weaving and arrested for DUI. He is currently on probabtion in Tift, Co GA for misd. marijuana. He is a college student in Tift, Co GA and works part time. I'm not sure what to do.

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Your son needs a lawyer right away. Ultimately, your son will be looking at a revocation of his probation in the marijuana case. He is also looking at mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines in the DUI case that require jail time and loss of his license. DUI is a very technical law and your son may have defenses that only a lawyer will be able to recognize. Even if there is no practical defense, a lawyer can help your son get the best deal possible in his case. Hire your son a lawyer asap.


You need to hire a criminal defense lawyer. This situation may be new to you and your son but an experienced criminal defense lawyer has handled many cases just like this and will able analyze your son's situation and present you both with several options that are available.


Hire a lawyer to represent him on both the DUI and the impending probation revocation. Search right here on AVVO for criminal defense lawyers in Lowndes and Tift.


My best advise to you and your son is to hire the best DUI Defense Attorney that is available to you ASAP - to defend him in Valdosta AND hire an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney that regularly practices in the Tift Co. court to defend him on the Violation of Probation. It is possible that the same attorney could represent him in both cases. He is facing mandatory jail time and all of the other bad consequences that go with a DUI charge in Valdosta and the possibility that his remaining time on Probation could be revoked (sent to jail) in Tift Co.. Please take this situation seriously!!! He is facing some serious consequences in both cases!!! I hope this info has been of help to you and your son. Good Luck!!! George McCranie IV

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