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My son 18 on probation currently for larceny got arrested for car jacking and armed robbery. What's the best plea we could ask ?

Detroit, MI |

He goes to school works but has a drug problem. I can't afford a lawyer he has a court lawyer he my only son and he needs help! Someone help me Lord please!

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It's impossible to answer that fully without having command of all the facts in his case. For example, the prosecutor's case may have weak spots that can be exploited or used for leverage to get a better deal than normal. However, being on probation and committing a new offense generally puts a damper on getting "good deals." Any new conviction will result in a probation violation which means he could go to jail even if his current case gets pled down to disturbing the peace. He is in a lot of trouble and facing serious prison time. The best thing you can do is arrange to have the best and most criminal defense attorney in the area that you can afford review your son's case to determine what his best options are.


this will depend on how good the prosecutors case is against your son.


Unfortunately, I cannot give you a clear cut answer. There are so many factors that go into plea bargaining which cannot be gathered without a full consultation with a client. There are personal factors with your client, such as prior criminal history, academic performance. Then, there are factors with the crime, such as was anyone hurt, what do the victims have to say. Other outside factors include the which judge, county the crime was committed in, and prosecutor was assigned to the case. With that said, hopefully the lawyer for your son can get a deal. He is still young and can hopefully turn his life around.

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You must first look to whether the prosecution has a viable case against your son in which they can prove all of the elements beyond all reasonable doubt at a jury trial. If the prosecution cannot do so, then these charges need to be dismissed and/or your son needs to be found not guilty of the charges. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to appropriately determine all of these issues. This all needs to be decided before you are thinking about taking any plea bargain.

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This question can best be answered by his court appointed attorney, only he has access to the information required to answer your question.

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