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My son & I were assaulted by his live in girlfriend..we filed a DVR, got baby, police report back inaccurate,and lost custody.

Los Banos, CA |

Small city the chief of police, an officer, a reserve officer responded .The reserve officer's report was not in the report. The police never took my husband's statement who witness her hitting my son, police changed my son's statement & only listed a 2 line witness statement. An officer that never responded to the assault call. typed a supplement report stating that my son was lying to him. We told ALL the officers that we were going to file a DVR to keep baby from mom's violence. The commissioner dropped it due to the police tarnishing my son's creditability. making him a liar.

Then in court the commissioner miss quoted the police report & mom lied in court and gave a different story about the assault and blamed me I never had a chance to give a statement & he gave mom the baby.

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What's the question? You should have hired an attorney because you only get one chance to do it right unless there are new and different facts.

This is just my opinion and not a comprehensive answer. You assume the risk because this answer may not apply to your situation depending on the facts.



At this time funds are tight and there are new facts... commissioner miss quoted the police report in hearing & Mother gave a different story than she did in the police report the police report committing perjury . Also her attorney left out 2 pages of the police report one had the witness statement and the other was the url links to get the report. The supplement report was given by an officer that has a reputation for lying ... and lied in the report. I just don't know who to turn to. I was hoping to find an Attorney on a contingency case...There is another hearing in June but hope to push it up if needed.


You can still consult with a lawyer if there are continuing issues with custody, and you probably should if there is this history of violence.

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