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My sister that lives alone drove herself to the hospital last night from pain. An I wrong to think she was treated unfairly?

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She was being taken over with pain that early morning and drove to the nearest hospital. By the time she arrived she was in so much pain she couldn't stand or talk. She was told she'd be denied treatment if she wouldn't say her name, was picked up by her hair when she fell over, and was man handled leaving bruises on her arm (that didn't result from iv which was on the opposite arm). It was all committed by one nurse that admitted she thought my sister was a druggie overdosing (she was passing gull stones that caused her intense pain). My sister clearly was judged and discriminated against because of what this nurse assumed. Is the way she was treated acceptable? Her head still hurt until she went to bed last night and she was crying at home because of how they treated her.

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I am sorry to hear about this. Certainly complain to the hospital administrator.


Her treatment should be documented, pictures taken, including inside the hospital and of the nurses involved. She needs to hire/consult with a lawyer who will contact the hospital and file a complaint. If nothing happens, report the incident to the police and to your state Medical Board.


Report this to the hospital and the authorities ASAP.

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What was the basis for the discrimination in your opinion. Was she a minority or did she just appear to be a drug user? If the former she might have a civil rights claim/

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