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MY Sister Is US Citizen Now She sponsoring Parents Should I(Y 18) Go With My Parents If No SoTell Me A Procedure To Go With Them

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If you are unmarried, you can be included on your parents' petition as long as you're under 21. If you turn 21 before the petition is finished, your sister might have to petition you separately, which will take much longer.

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You cannot be included (and benefit from) your sister petition for your parents, since the siblings category is separate and distinct from "parents of a US citizen", which has immediate priority and no waiting time. By contrast, the brother or sister category waits between 10-14 years to become current.

Ask your sister to immediately fie a separate petition for yo, to establish your priority date.

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I agree with my colleague, Giacomo.

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She can file a visa petition for you. You are not included in the application for your parents.

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Your parents may also apply for you once they become legal permanent residents (receive their green card), as long as you're not married. A petition from them would resolve faster than one filed by your sister.

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