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My sister is executor of Mom's estate. She does not inform me about sale of house or anything. I am in will. I have ?s.

Spring Grove, IL |

My siblings and I are supposed to get equal shares of Mom's estate which is a house. Then this new will pops up when she was suffering from mild dementia, under mediation, on a ventilator and in a nursing home. Original will disappeared. Sister who lived with her knew where original will was and she benefits more than the rest of us. More to this story but not enough room. I objected. Now I get no information and they will not speak with me. Is this legal because I ? will? Also the executor who is rich tried to get the Barrington Hills Police to bring me in to see things her way.

I have been told that I will not be getting any proceeds even though I am mentioned in the will because I have bipolar disorder and am imcompetent. Poppycock. I am in college right now to become a paralegal. Far from incompetent and they know it.

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Will challenges can be made in Illinois based on evidence of the following: age, mental state, fraud or undue influence, contents of will, witnesses, notarization, or will maker"s residence.

It appears as though you'd intend to challenge based on at least one of the above grounds.

Hire a lawyer to advocate for you.

Good luck.