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My sister hit a parked car the other night. what are the penalities?

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my brother coming home the other night from her friends house. he feel asleep there..woke up aound 530 and decided to leave. as he was driving i guess closed her eyes for a minute and crashed into a parked car. he freaked out and kept driving home (we live like 3 blocks away) got my parents and went right back to the scene with them. the cop gave him a leaving the scene ticket even though he went back like not even 5 min later. what are the penalties involved in that since he did go back and the cops didnt come find him?

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Contact a lawyer. Hit and skip and/or hit and run both mean hitting and then escaping usually by an automobile driver who flees from the scene of an accident in which a person like your brother was involved. Leaving the scene often refers to a driver leaving the scene after doing property damage like running a car into a parked car and then leaving to escape without reporting. These are often used interchangeably, even in legislative wordings and court opinions. That your brother went back with your parents and did report might work in his favor, but still a lawyer is necessary in my view.

This is a serious offense. Conviction for leaving the scene of an accident in some states (I do not practice in NJ, I am in Chicago, IL) involves mandatory license suspension and can also include hefty fines. The penalties increase depending on the severity.

Have your brother contact a lawyer and establish an attorney client relationship. There are many good ones in NJ that appear in the Avvo site, which might be a place for him to begin the search.

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what if you hit a parked car but dont do a hit and run like i hit a parked car down the street from my house and called my mom and she came over there and then called the police and they came but i got a ticket for not having my windows properly defroset and i have to go to court for that and im 16 and i was wondering if i could lose my license for that or what type of penalty i would get?


I agree with the above poster. You should contact a reputable traffic attorney to discuss your options. I am located in Springfield, New Jersey and would be glad to speak with you about how to proceed. Please do not hesitate to contact me at or call me at 973 467 1060. Also, please check our traffic ticket website at for more information.

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