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My sister has breathlyzer for 2 years, is there a way to reduce time on these ?

Tulsa, OK |

She was pulled over and police said that she denied to make the alochol test, which that was not true. They gave her a DUI..and she is carrying the breathelyzer, is very sad because she is not an alcoholic or anything like that, i wonder if she cant get this time reduce or something, she doesnt want to go out or go to school, she feels down and sad carrying that think around.

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It's unclear from your question whether your sister has already been convicted of a DUI. Is the thing you mention an Ignition Interlock on her car?


If your sister has a dui conviction or is serving a deferral period in lieu of a conviction, she had counsel, either retained or court appointed. Any and all questions your sister may have regarding her conditions and sentence should be address to her attorney by her.


If she has already entered a plea, there is little chance of getting it set aside.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,



Well yes she went to court and was convicted for a DUI..and she has the ignition breathalyzer on her car for 2 years..mainly because the cop said she denied the get when she was pulled over..which that's not true. So my question is if is there away to appeal for a reduction of time to carry the breathalyzer on her car?


If your sister has an interlock on her car in Oklahoma, it is probably the result of losing her license through the Department of Public Safety. In Oklahoma, she would have had 15 days to contest the license revocation. If she didn't or if she did and was not successful, then she received a 180 day (six month) license revocation providing she had no prior revocations within the previous 10 years. She probably asked for a modified license to let her drive during the six months which would have required an interlock in the vehicle. Because you stated she has to have the device for two years then I am guessing she either refused the breath test or took the test (or blood test) and the result was a .15 or more. This being so, under the Erin Swezey Act which took effect Nov 1, 2011, she is being required to keep the interlock on her car an additional 18 months after she reinstates from the DL suspension. It boils down to 2 years of the device on the car. Unfortunately, this may have been preventable in the beginning if we could have fought it then but after it has occurred....there is no way to avoid the requirement now. If my answer was helpful, please select it as the must helpful. Good luck.

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