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My sister got my Veterans Adminstration letter with my medical diagnosis and soclal security letter wth my ssn.

Modesto, CA |

I was involved in a conservatorship hearing. My sister and I both wanted to be conservator over out parent. My sister somehow got a old letter from 1999 from the Veterans Administration with my diagnosis and faxed it in to the court investigator with my 1999 social security paper that has my ssn on it. I never released or gave her authorization. Is she guilty of a felony for disclosing a social security paper and veterans papers not meant for her with my ssn identitiy ? I think the social security act of 1974 and the federal vet act make it a crime? What about disclosing medical records is that a misdemenor?

Also the court investigator released her report and sent it to everyone(all people served in the hearing) with my diagnosis on it. I am so hurt.

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You should contact a local personal injury and/or privacy attorney to discuss your options as specific answers to your concerns will depend on the exact facts of your situation, state and federal law. You can find such an attorney her on Avvo or by asking your local or state bar association for a referral.

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