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My sister confessed that my brother at one point had sexual intercourse with her more that one time, need advice on what to do?

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My little sister which is now 13yrs old confessed today to our family that my brother who is now 23yrs old made her have sexual intercourse with him more than once. She was only 8 or 9yrs old when this happened, so my brother at that time was 18 or 19 yrs old. My family and I have tried to ask my brother over and over of what happened and tried to get him to admit the truth but he will not talk with anyone. He has bascially ran away and will not talk. What do we need to do first, becuase we need to get to the truth. Is this a case to have him sent to jail or have a trail in court to get the truth out of him?

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I agree with both of the other responses posted. First and foremost, get your sister into counseling with a psychotherapist that deals specifically with children who have been sexually abused. I believe that if an abuser goes unpunished, that tells the child that it's not important to the people who are supposed to be protecting her. In the case of your sister, though, if criminal charges are brought against your brother, she will probably feel a great deal of guilt about that. This is something that your parents should discuss with her therapist. When children are sexually abused, especially by a family member that she should be able to trust implicitly, even if she seems okay now she is going to have serious emotional issues later if she does not get therapy.

Just a thought, but your family may want to make sure older brother gets therapy (in a program for sexual abusers), and if he refuses, then take the matter to the police. It should ultimately be up to your sister with the guidance of her therapist and parents.


Bearing in mind that I was a social worker prior to being an attorney, your focus should be on your little sister right now and not simply on your brother. If such a violation occurred, she needs immediate help. Your parents need to immediately look for resources to help her get into therapy and counseling. Your parents should join her.


I agree with the previous answer in that your family should get immediate help for your sister and your family in dealing with this situation. Once in thearpy, then options will present themselves as to what your sister and your family should pursue. These types of situations are difficult and definitely emotionally charged. Take some time to evaluate the options. I am not saying that he should not be charged with a crime but one has to remember, your sister will have to most likely testify if it goes to trial. This is why thearpy would and is a must.


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