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My seriously ill brother is Successor Trustee for a relative in FL, I am next in line to take over. What I need to do to?

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My brother is in Chicago and I am in Tucson and our relative is in FL, are there specific state laws governing this sort of thing?

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Often the trust documents will indicate something to the effect of "if a trustee is either incapable of acting as Trustee, or declines to act as trustee", a successor trustee may take over.

Assuming there is such a clause in this trust, have him write a notice indicating his declining to act as trustee, and therefore in accordance with the trust terms, you are going to act as trustee.

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I agree with Attorney Lewis. However, for more specific advice, you should repost this questions in Avvo's Florida forum, as Florida law, not Arizona law, would apply.

My answer is incomplete; contact an attorney licensed in your state to receive legal advice for your specific situation. Answering your general question does not make me your attorney.


It would probably be helpful for the ill brother to resign and then you can replace him. I would hire counsel in FL to advise you. The trust document will tell you what happens and what to do.

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The law of the jurisdiction in which the Trustor is located will govern. Sounds like that is Florida. But, the terms of the trust will typically prevail unless prohibited by law. So, the trust, and all amendments to it, need to be reviewed. You may or may not need an attorney in Florida, but hopefully the trust was drafted by an attorney there. If so, he or she may assist. If you wish to consult with a Tucson attorney to review the trust and advise you further, I am available to see you next week. Just call my office or email me to schedule.

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