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My second dui occured in oct of 03'. I still have not completed the multiple offender program and still have no driver license,

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My second dui occured in oct of 03'. I still have not completed the multiple offender program and still have no driver license, because I have not done the program. Is there a 10 year statute of some sort to where I can just get my license back. Or any other way of obtaining my license back. I still dont have the money and I do drive. I have school, work and kids, so I have to drive. Although registered, insured and me driving safely, i am afraid of the one time I get pulled over. Is there anything I can do? Or is there a way to enroll without money, like pay whenever I can? Any help is very appreciated.

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No. There is no time limit on how long DMV can require you to finis the program. Until you complete it, you will not get your license back. I would suggest you set aside some money now and try to save up for the program. Your risking a lot by continuing to drive without a license

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You posted this like 4 times. The answer remains the same: you gotta do the program. You don't get an excuse because you waited longer than everyone else to do the program. Save up and do the program or keep driving without a valid license. Frankly I'm surprised you haven't been pulled over in 10 years, that's remarkable. If you can avoid getting pulled over for that long you clearly have discipline. I'm not trying to lecture but you simply have to save up, perhaps you can take a loan from a family member and pay him/her back over time. Best of luck.

Reve Gerardo Bautista

Reve Gerardo Bautista


Great answer!


My colleagues are correct. It is simply a fact that DMV will not restore your license until you compete the program. This problem will continue in perpetuity (forever, or, at least, until your death) unless and until that program is completed.

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