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My school is telling me on my first day of school they are going to limit my financial aid to just tuition. Can I Sue?

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I enrolled at a community college, and I have been in constant contact with the financial aid department in preparation for the school year. Prior to enrollment, I had recently been reinstated to full eligibility to receive financial aid. I am no longer in defaulted status. On the first day of school the financial aid department told me they decided as a district to only allow tuition payments and not the full financial aid to students who have recently come out of defaulted status. I informed them I made plans a year in advance and could not change them at such short notice, and that the decision would cause me to not be able to provide lodgment for myself while studying. Is this legal? And is there a tort/ anything where I can sue for this. I don't think it's legal by state law.

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What state law makes what you describe illegal?



Well, they are not following federal or state law. If I am eligible for student aid and have been admitted to the institution, they legally can not refuse me aid. As a district they claim they have made changes, but the financial aid office has failed to alert me of the Change, post it to their website, or make a public announcement. Telling me the first day of school is just unnacceptable. I don't know the specific statute, but Im sure it is illegal to not give a person the opportunity to effectively plan for their education. Heck, I'm going to be on the street behind this stunt, and I was blind sided.

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