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My roommate has a "no-contact" order against someone. Does that mean i can't contact him either?

Macomb, IL |

My friend has a no contact order against someone who works in the same town as I do. He works on the second floor, and when I try to frequent the business (staying on the 1st floor, and attempting no contact with him) i am told i cannot be there. He told his boss that I am violating my friends no contact order by being there. However, i never received any paper work that I was involved in the case, which is also closed now. Is that true?

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Your behavior is limited only by a court order directed at you and with which you have notice. Moreover, your taking care to avoid contact even when not ordered can hardly amount to any kind of violation. The violation claim sounds more like some kind of intimidation.

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You are not violating any order. That person is wrong. You are entitled to be in that location, especially is the case is now closed.


You probably cannot get into any trouble by being in contact with him.
Your roommate can get in trouble, however, if you are contacting the person at her past. She cannot have you do what she is prohibited from doing. So if you contact this person on her behalf, she could be in trouble.

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