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My roomie & I have RO's against each other, he put cameras in the common areas ofTHE house that only he can VIEW THE TAPE?

Los Angeles, CA |

Is this legal, the landlord okayed it, but my contention is that, because of my RO against him that he shouldn't have the power to review the tape of what I am doing in the house all day, if the landlord had sole power to review said tape, I would be okay with it....

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If the landlord allowed it, and it is only taping the common areas, then it is okay. If you damage the cameras, you could be liable for destruction of his property and a judge might also see that as a violation of your restraining order. You have no right to the tapes, since they are his, he does not have to let you see them. What do you need to see them for anyway? You ought to know what you did, especially if you did anything wrong. This is a nightmare waiting to happen.
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