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My question nobody understand it I refuse to blow and the officer didn't do a blood or piss or a field sobriety test ?

Fort Bragg, NC |

My question is do I have a good case in federal court no evidence the cop never ask me to do a field sobriety test all he wanted me to do was to blow I refuse I didn't blow . My car is not on camera for going over the lane like he was no camera he didn't take blood or make me piss he didn't put me in front of a judge to tell me what my charges where . He didn't let me make my phone call so someone can watch me blow into the machine . all he did was watch me for 10 muns and he wrote on the ticket that he is a field officer he observe me for 10 muns and he can tell that I am ruck . And this one is on federal land so do I have a good case I suppose to get my license back in June of this year

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Your question was understood the first time. Retain an attorney to represent you and direct all questions to that attorney who can give you professional advice and a professional analysis regarding the strength of the case against you.


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