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My question is how can i be held liable to appear on a subpoena under the incorrect name. if this is a legal document shouldn't

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the courts have to make sure that they have the correct first name. This was not a spelling error but a name that is not mine. Yes the last name is correct but if i am to be held legally obligated to show up shouldn't the courts get the name correct. And will they really force a victim to testify if they no longer want to pursue charges or get on the stand. i have called the DA and told them that the person listed on the subpoena will not appear as this person does not exsist or at least it is not the person who was served. I also faxed it back to them saying the same them.

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Hire an attorney and move to quash if you are the wrong person and have no involvement.


Your question does not have enough information for you to get definitive legal advice. I suspect that your were involved in a domestic violence situation. You may have been the victim, but if a crime was committed you may be required to testify. You my need to get the help of an attorney.

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