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My question is can i retire while on workers comp ?

Flat Rock, MI |

i live in Flat Rock, Mi. I have been a teamster truck driver and warehouse worker for 40 years got injured at work had surgery on shoulder and am ready to retire. shoulder is still injured

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I suggest that you have An attorney to assist you with your case. The injury can be a factor in how you handle the retirement so that it benefits you. Talk to an attorney experienced in workers compensation before you tell anyone you want to retire


Do not retire until you speak to a Michigan attorney specializing in Comp. By removing yourself from the work force you my be waiving benefits and rights that you would otherwise be entitled to.

My answers are for general information only. They are not legal advice. I provide legal advice during the course of an attorney-client relationship only. The exchange of information through this forum does not establish such a relationship. That relationship is established only by personal and direct consultation with me followed by the execution of a written attorney-client agreement signed by each of us. All legal proceedings involve deadlines and time limiting statutes. So that legal rights are not lost for failure to timely take appropriate action and because I do not provide legal advice in answer to any question, if you are an interested party you should promptly and personally consult with an attorney for legal advice.


Consult a local Workers' Compensation Attorney BEFORE you retire. In many jurisdictions, it could significantly reduce your recovery under a wage differential theory.

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Yes you can but it may impact your Worker's Compensation Case. You really need to go through all pro's and con's with a Worker Comp attorney.


I will join the chorus. Under Ohio Law, if you take an age or seniority based retirement, you pretty much forfeit all ongoing monetary benefits to replace wages on your claim. If you take disability retirement, you do not. But each state is different. Contact a qualified Michigan Workers' Compensation Attorney and they can guide you.

This answer does not constitute legal advice for your situation and no attorney-client relationship has been formed. We can only assist you if you come into our office, meet with one of our attorneys, sign the necessary fee agreement and other necessary workers' compensation forms. Until then, we are not acting as your attorney and can take no actions to protect your interests. Further, we can not properly advise you as to the deadlines to act, also known as the statute of limitations. We can tell you missing such a deadline, even when you are unaware of, will result in you losing all rights under your claim.

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