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My question is, can her father legally keep her from seeing me now that he's 18, even though she is still in high school?

Scranton, PA |

My daughter has been in the custody of my ex husband for years. He didn't let her see me, told her when she was 18 she could. She just turned 18 last week. We had planned on seeing each other for Christmas but her father is stating that because she is still in high school, he still has control. She goes to high school in a different city. I'm in Scranton, she goes to school in Hershey. There is no tuition for her school, it's completely free. It's for underprivileged kids.

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If your daughter is now 18 then she is no longer a minor for custody purposes and she can make her own decisions regarding custody. Based on what you stated above it appears that you are in contact with her and did hve plans to see her. Since she lives with her father, he does have responsibily in the sense that he is caring for her while she is living with him but she can make her own decisions on who she wants to see since she is no longer a minor. I would suggest try talking to the father in order to avoid conflit for everyone, if possible.

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