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My PSA states summer visitation reasonable, liberal, time to be mutually agreed upon. My kids are 12, 13, and 16.

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I have been after my x since February to start working on a summer schedule. My kids are 500 miles away. She has provided me with one schedule, which was for 2 weeks out of 11 week break. I have repeatedly asked her adjust the schedule to allow me to have more time. She is intentionally doing this. It takes her weeks to get back to me. Now she says its past the time the kids wanted to come up, now I need to go there and give 2 weeks notice. She knows it's tough for me to get off of work. Can she do this? Is this enough to try to modify the PSA summer time since we can never agree?

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A party can always file a post-judgment motion upon a showing of changed circumstances or to enforce a court order/judgment. It appears that your ex may be playing games and a formal schedule may be necessary to ensure that you have summer parenting time. A consultation with a good family attorney in your county may be a wise investment of time and effort as they can assist you in the process.

The above represents legal information and not legal advice nor a legal opinion of Bryan T. Eggert, Esquire. It is not intended to be relied upon by any person for any particular case. Nor does this information create an attorney-client relationship between the poster and the answering party. Whenever seeking legal advise, it is always advisable to consult privately with an attorney concerning your particular matter.

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