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My property was broken into by a property management company in error. There was damage and items were stolen. Locks were change

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They denied entry for nearly three months. In the meantime there was extensive water damage as we were locked out and unable to maintain the property. We are working on negotiations to settle the matter. Are we entitled to any punitive damages for the extended time lapse due to their lying about causing the circumstances and the amount of time and stress it has caused myself and my husband. We were readying to put the property up for sale when this brreak-in happened. Now we are dealing with repairs and compensation to pay for these damages. This happened on March 6 and it is now nearly August.

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I don't know about punitive damages, but you could certainly argue for the damages associated with the lock-out. For example, any costs you incurred by having to wait a few extra months before putting the property on the market like extra mortgage payments. You could also try to argue for the fair market value of the time and effort it took you and your husband to correct the mistake, but that will be harder to demonstrate in dollar figures.

Of course, you can also reasonably ask for the money for the repairs and the value of the stolen items.


Whether you can get punitive damages will depend upon the particular circumstances, and more intensive analysis is necessary. I suggest that you consult a lawyer in Davidson County.

These comments do not constitute legal advice. They are general comments on the circumstances presented, and may not be applicable to your situation. For legal advice on which you may rely consult your own lawyer.