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My Probation Officer wants to come to my parents home where I am staying at to visit.Should I be worried?

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I have been on probation for 8 months, have paid all my restitution, and have no fines or fees to pay. I have been meeting all my conditions,monthly reports, counseling, etc, except I am unable to find work due to having a Felony conviction, and not being able to work around money. I am all stressed out about it!Thanks in advance for your help!

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I will be happy to stand corrected by some or all of the outstanding criminal defense attorney licensed in AZ who participate here if need be. My experience is that a visit to the residence of someone being supervised on probation is not unusual at all. Your PO may want to search the house generally (at least common areas) or just your individual room. The only reason to worry is if there is something in the house that might be seen by your PO that is a violation of your probation or independently a violation of the law. Sound like from your description of your time on probation that you are doing well, compliant with all obligations, and should not worry. Good luck.


You are lucky that your PO gave you notice that he/she is coming over. Some have been known to just show up, walk in and search the house. I would make sure you don't have anything illegal in the house including weapons even if they are your parents.


No need to worry as long as there are no apparent violations of the conditions pof your probation. Hopefully, you and/or your parents are not cultivating marijuana or have child pornography lying about or any other obvious violation of the law. The fact that you received advance notice was nice of your PO.


I agree with the responses below. Provided that you have not committed any infractions and there are no prohibited items in the home, there is no need to be concerned. The probation officer likely wants to see the home and make sure that it conforms with your terms and conditions of probation.

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