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My probation ends March 23rd, I want to go to Ireland March 16th. Whats the quickest way to get permission?

Erie, PA |

My officer told me she would take me off probation once everything was paid off . I completed all of that and classes earlier this month , now she is saying I have to complete five months of probation which puts me at my return date of my trip and its already paid for . Who should I get a hold of to get permission to leave the country for my last week of probation ? My officer has kind of been avoiding me . I need to get this taken care of as quickly as possible .

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Attorney answers 3


You should either go back to the attorney who originally represented you or retain a new lawyer to file papers in court to have the judge approve the trip. Good luck to you.


My colleague is correct, but I would suggest that you continue to pursue the issue with your PO. And if there is any reason for the PO's "change of heart", make sure you tell your attorney.


I agree that you should get an attorney involved since there is not a great deal of time for this to get resolved. The attorney who handled the case in court would seem like the logical choice, but you are certainly allowed to contact a different attorney for help in this matter. Good luck.