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My Pregnant wife was injured at work, been doing therapy, its not helping, Dr wants x ray and since cant will release her.

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I want a lawyer please . My wife tore soft tissue or something in her wrist at work and is pregnant . She has done occupational therapy from worker comp Dr . & its made it worse . The Dr said because she cant get a x ray because she is pregnant he will release her to 1990s , when she clearly cant lift much at all . THE WORKER COMP DR . WAS ALSO FURIOUS WHEN THE BABY DR DENIED THEM ABILITY TO TAKE A X RAY .

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Your wife definitely needs experienced WC attorney and/or a better doctor that will keep her on restricted duty until her wrist can be fixed. I have read lots of good postings form Florida WC attorneys so check the AVVO lawyer search page and if not call the state or local bar association but make sure they do at least 50% WC and not a general practice lawyer that does a couple WC cases a year.

Good Luck


I'm not licensed in Florida but I have had many pregnant injured worker clients, and it's completely accepted out here on the Left Coast that NO XRAYS at all can be done at any time during pregnancy.

While your wife should obtain an experience Workers Compensation attorney, while you're looking for the right lawyer, she needs a different Treating Physician.

Florida doesn't let you pick your physician.

So, you might consider WRITING / Faxing the Adjuster requesting a different physician because this physician has no experience in occupational medicine for pregnant workers, like acupuncture and passive physical therapy.f

LEAVE OUT the part about the doctor being furious and the doctor releasing her. It sounds excessively dramatic, and it won't help you.

THERE IS an OMBUDSMAN in Florida for INjured Workers. YOUR WIFE (not you) needs to call: 1-800-342-1741 She should focus on getting a new physician experienced at treating pregnant patients with non-invasive "Modes" of care (instead of being angered by the Insurance physician so far... people angry at being sent back to work don't get a new doctor).

Try the link I'll pop in below and start reading... there is A LOT Of helpful information.


NO ONE wants to be blamed for anything happening to your wife's baby, so your wife may suffer in the short term as a result. Life is not always fair.

We offer general concepts, but you should give ALL your facts to a licensed Attorney in your state before you RELY upon any legal advice.