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My po sent my case back to court because I had multiple violations on my interlock? What will happen now?

Houston, TX |

She said she wasn't happy with the violations she saw on there for 6 months but has never said anything or Warned me about anything she said there will be a warrant out for my arrest? What am I supposed to do I've never gotten any trouble before this offense and this is my first time messing up on probation

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It isn't your first time "messing up on probation" because of "multiple violations" of interlock [and more?] Usually first time complaint doesn't require an attorney, but a warrant indicates that PO is taking this seriously, so you need an experienced DWi Attorney who can talk knowledgeably about interlock violations with the Judge. If these are alcohol related violations, the situation is especially bad and MUST be stopped. You and your attorney will need to explain what you can about violations occurred and most importantly, what changes will occur to prevent future violations.


My understanding is the probation officers in TX have a lot of power, and it is essential that you have a good relationship with yours. At this point, I suggest using avvo to find a locally experienced DUI attorney to discuss the best way to handle your situation. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


Any time you face a warrant, your situation is serious. As has already been suggested, you need an experienced lawyer to fight for you. Having an otherwise clear criminal history is probably less important at this point than it was when your case was first addressed. The violations are going to paint a picture of you that may not be fairly representative of who you really are, but you now have gotten into a situation that requires good help. Be aware that there can be a number of reasons, having absolutely nothing to do with drinking alcoholic beverages, that will cause an interlock device to indicate a positive result. A well trained DUI attorney can help you explore those possible defenses.

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What will happen now? My guess is you will go to jail.


You need to hire an attorney. What will happen depends on the judge. There is no way to know for certain what will happen, but you need to have a local attorney fighting for you.

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