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My passport is expired. I am going to apply for i 751. Do they need my passport or they just extend my green card for 10 years

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applying for i 751, and my passports is expired. if they approve my 10 year green card ,. Do they need my expired passport or just send me my 10 year green card ( In case I am approved)
Is nothing to do with my expired passport?

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Repeat question. Read the instructions to Form I-751. Where do you see that you must mail-in your passport alongside the I-751? Nowhere. Again, the I-751 filing receipt will state "Lawful Permanent Resident Status" extended for a year, travel and employment authorized." You don't need anything else. Renew/extend or get a new national passport at your nearest consulate. That is your responsibility; no one else's.

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You do not need your passport to extend resident status or remove conditions.

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I-751 has nothing to do with your passport. Focus on proving the validity of your marriage.


For this application it is not necessary to include a copy of your passport. Work with an immigration attorney directly for best results.

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I think Mr. Behar has given you superb advice. and fyi, I sure hope they don't need the original , expired passport, im a usa citizen, but my expired , and I couldn't on a bet tell you where it is /its LOST so ...