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My parents recently have discovered that they have bed bugs in their apartment. First, is the landlord responsible for the cost

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In addition to cost who pays for the dry cleaning, clean up since my parents are disabled and are not able to afford or do any of that work

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Generally, landlords are responsible from removing/preventing vermin, including bed bugs. Civil Code 1941 and 1941.1.


Landlords are responsible for pest control. Request they perform pest control in writing. Also if your parents have personal injuries they may be able to recover money from the landlords under a premises liability theory. According to the California Department of Health Services, bed bugs do not transmit disease to humans. They do, however, cause red, itchy bites and rashes. Scratching bed bug bites can lead to secondary skin infections. Tenants who live with bed bugs often report emotional distress and sleep deprivation as a result of the bed bugs. If your parents have injuries, such as these, help them to seek medical attention, document their injuries and seek advice from a personal injury attorney.

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I agree with my colleagues. You will need to hire a personal injury attorney and request pest control from the landlord in writing. Good luck.

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As long as the cause of the bed bugs isn't anything you did, then yes, the landlord is responsible for their removal. I would advise your parents to contact the housing authority to have them examine and cite the landlords regarding the bed bugs. If your parents have suffered any physical injuries that are directly attributable to the bed bugs, they can then recover for that. Also, you should have your parents notify the landlords about the bed bugs in writing. If they do not resolve the issue within thirty days, your parents have the right to lower the amount they pay in monthly rent until the bed bug issue is resolved.

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