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My parents own a home but have deliquent health bills if I pay of the leins &change the home to my name can they come after me

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There is a lein on the home from the hospital but only for one surgery about $15,000. They have a mortgage - owe about $20,000. The house is probably worth $800,000. I grew up there and hate to lose it due to astranomical health bills (likely close to a million dollars)! So I was wondering if I pay off those bills and get the home in my name- once my parents die will the creditors come after me or put another lein on the home?

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Your questions does not make complete sense, if you pay off the bills then there would not longer be a lien on the home? As far as transferring the property to your name you really should meet with an estate Attorney before making any changes on the title of the home.

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You would have to check with an attorney in your locale, but I would consider this a fradulent transfer and if I were the creditor for the bills you do not pay I would attempt to challenge the transfer to you. having siad that you should talk to an attorney who does estate planning. You may be able to transfer the property to you and let your parents keep a life estate that cannot be attached if your parents are sued.


If you pay off all of their creditors, then there is no problem. If you only pay off the liens and take possession of the property, the remaining creditors can come after you. Unless you pay fair market value (or close to it), it can be considered a fraudulent transfer.

Talk to an estate planner in your state to find out how to protect the house.

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