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My parents kicked my 16 year old sister out of their house for not doing chores and attitude issues. Is that legal?

Coshocton, OH |

My mother claims it is unruly behavior and she has every right to do so. Though she has no case against her for it with courts, social services or police. My mother does not know where she is currently and I'm not telling her. She only knows I have spoken with her and she's safe. She is now threatening to get the police involved because she wants to know where her daughter is. We live 20 minutes apart in separate cities and counties. I do have my sister with my husband and myself. Will we get in trouble for providing her with a safe place to stay and what are my mothers legal rights to kicking a minor out of the house?

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Your parents are obligated to care, support and keep her safe. I urge all of you to work together so that the police don't have to get involved.

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What could be the rammifications if the cops are involved? I have three other siblings still under age living with my parents. Also could my mom lose them for truancy issues?

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