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My parents are both natrulized citizens i have a green card how do i get a passport to travel,i am 69 came here in 1947

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I came here as a non quota green card in 1947.Father became citizen in 1948 mtother in 1961
I would like to travel how can i do it?i was told if parents are American citizens that made me a citizen automaticly is this so.i dont know how to proceed.
Please Advise
Thank You
Serge Dubois

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Perhaps, not, which may have created other complications, where you voted or served in a jury. I strongly recommend an appointment with a competent and experienced immigration attorney, before you take any further action. It is unclear whether you may have made a serious, but unintentional mistake. Good luck.

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If both of your parents naturalized before you turned 18 years of age, you can present proof of same to a regional passport office and they will issue you a U.S. passport. You can apply for a cetificate of naturalization, but that is not necessary for you to obtain a U.S. passport.

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Questions of derived citizenship are not as easy as they look. The law about it has changed through time, and we need to have specific facts to know which law applies. If you were not yet 18 when your mother naturalized in 1961, it sounds like you could be a US citizen. I suggest you consult with an immigration attorney close to your area to be sure. Good luck.

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You should consult with an attorney. Whether one has obtained derivative citizenship is very fact specific and more information is needed to properly advise you.

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