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My outside workers compensation attorney representing me what will she be fighting for I was denied workers compensation

Fayetteville, NC |

I waited and work for 10 straight days waiting to see if my workers compensation would get approved for not then it was denied

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I do not understand your question. What is an "outside WC attorney?" If you have an attorney, that attorney is in the best position to tell you what happened and why. 10 days is an incredibly short time for ANYTHING to happen in a WC claim.

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If your claim has been denied, you need to consult with a NC licensed workers' comp attorney. That attorney will negotiate with the insurance carrier to see if he or she can get them to accept the claim and, if that doesn't work, either negotiate with the insurance carrier to settle the matter or take the claim to a hearing and get a ruling from the Industrial Commission. An experienced attorney will be able to discuss all these options with you, along with possible time frames for resolution.

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An atty can see why the insurance company denied the claim and go from there. They may need medical records or other information that the atty can provide to get the claim admitted. See an attorney that does primarily workers compensation in your area.


Not sure what "outside" attorney is, but if you have an attorney you should direct all questions to them. when the claim is denied you should discuss moving forward with the claim with your attorney.

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