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My now ex and I broke up but she is married does the husband have rights to the child?

Pahrump, NV |

She is technically still married and I want to know if I have rights to the child and not the husband and do I need a lawyer so I can sign the birth certificate and get custody of the child.

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If she was married to someone else when the child was born, the child is legally considered her husband's child. The Husband has full rights, and you have none until you do something legally. You will need to file a Paternity case to get DNA testing to prove that it is your child, and then you can seek legal rights through that case. These types of matters can be very complicated, especially if your ex or her husband are going to fight you. Thus, you would do well to hire an attorney to get you through the system.

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Ms. Whitbeck is spot on. I suggest you seek a consultation with an experienced custody attorney in order to more fully explore the particular facts of your matter and get you pointed in the right direction. Good luck!


Ms. Whitbeck is correct. Even if your ex was not living with nor returned to her husband, the law is often blind to practical realities. You will have to file to establish paternity. Realize too, that once done, there's no going back. You will be on the hook for this child, visitation or not, until the child turns 18.