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My nephew got Petty Theft misdemanor in los angeles, ca. He's a14 year old,

Los Angeles, CA |

He's suppose to go to court but instead the Juvenile Center asked him to go to Centinela Youth Services and do mediation for VORS. They are asking him to tell what happen. Will that be used against him in court. For what they understand if he do VORS this will be taken off his record and no file in court will be made. How do we respond to the question of what happened?

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The Centinela Youth Services program uses a Restorative Justice Model which means that the interaction between the offender and the victim is the outcome, not punishment. Here is a quote from their website: "The Judicial Council of California recognized the CYS VORS program as a model victim/offender mediation program that is proven to reduce recidivism by 50%. "

I do not know exactly what disclosures or advisements they give before the mediation, so, if no one else answers, I suggest calling them at (310) 970-7702. In general, as a former restorative justice advocate myself, I believe they will be looking for him to "take responsibility" for the alleged theft, and the victim will talk about impacts. good luck.