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My neighbours dog barks almost all the time. How can I get it stoped

Pontotoc, MS |

I have already tried talking to my neighbor about it and he got really mad. Got up in my face and I had to back up. I though he was going to his. All I said was the dog was getting to be a problem and he need to do something about the barking. He will not even try to get the dog to stop barking. He just ignors the barking. I feel sorry for the dog beacause he lives in a 10x10 pen. It was in mud and water all winter. Now it is dried up dog manure now. no one has ever cleaned out his pin. When i tried to talk to the dog owner I asked him to move the pen to another part of his property. No luck. Can I file a noise complant agaist him and his dog.

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Many organizations could be involved in handling your problem.City government could be involved;for instance the police department could be contacted or the sherrif if in the county;small animal control officers would cone to your aid;the mayor may have an "action line" to hear problems;MARL (the Mississippi Animal Rescue League) will investigate these type of incidents.Please don't face off with your neighboor again,that is not going to work.You may have city ordinances which would allow you to file charges against this person and try the case in the Pontotoc City Court at no cost to you.
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Why haven't you called animal control or the police about the non-stop barking? Why haven't you made a complaint for animal cruelty for the conditions the dog is being kept in?

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