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My neighbors upstairs have been spying on my family Throughout my whole apartment. What can I do legally? In need of help..

Los Angeles, CA |

I found out that the neighbors upstairs can see me in every room, i bought this microphobne that enhances the volume of the room. For the past 4 months I've been hearing nothing but whisperings of what I'm doing, where I'm at even when I'm listening in the bathroom with the lights off. All curtains are closed no way at all you can see from the outside. I recently went to the police after i recorded so much on my laptop but they said they needed to see a camera to actually do something. I looked as well as well as friends and family and no luck, We constantly hear drilling on my ceiling and walls, but no holes. they follow my wife when shes showering or changing. Tried confronting them but the whole year we have here there's a couple that NEVER comes out if as though they've been hiding.

The microphone I'm using only enhances what's in the Room. It does not hear through walls, I hear a clear whisper because the soundwaves are able to travel through the air. There's cracks in ceilings, gaps in the molding. I was literally killing myself trying to prove to my wife, that I heard them say "quick she's getting in the shower she has big tits". My Stepson which is twelve was the first to notice this when he was changing in the restroom and he hears them laughing at him making fun of his private parts. He cried for while of frustration that no one wanted to believe him, until I did. The same went for me, no one wanted to believe me instead they just looked at me like I was on drugs or something. Until people actually heard what there saying describing the children and my girl they get sick to the stomach. We are looking carefully for another spot to live, but from now to the time we move what's next. I don't suspect I know.....

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It seems like you suspect the neighbors are invading on your privacy, but at the same time you are potentially invading their privacy by eavesdropping on their conversations by using electronic enhancement devices. You should immediately consult your own attorney to protect your legal rights.

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