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My neighbors constantly call animal control and make false claims on our dog, what should we do?

Middleburg, FL |

We have a dog that attacked our neighbors dog (in our yard) and now she is constantly calling animal control on her and making false accusations about our dog saying things like how she is getting into their garbage and sleeps on their porch every night when she never leaves our property. I am afraid that if they keep getting called they will take her away. Can we do anything about it?

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if you dog is kept outside, it may be hard to disprove your neighbors allegations unless you have outside video surviellence that can prove otherwise. Given that your dog attacked their dog, even if on your property, I would suggest getting a fence or kennel, or better yet keep your dog inside unless supervised.

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The least expensive and easiest solution is video surveillance and a secure fence. Most places in Florida have leash laws and you should not leave your dog outside unattended. To think that your dog would "never" go off property is naive. Even the best trained dog will disobey at times.

What does animal control say or do when they come out?

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I agree with my fellow attorneys - fence your property, put up video surveillance, and keep your dog inside as much as possible.

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