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My neighbors and I are having problems with a neighbor. What can we do?

Melbourne, FL |

It started when he moved his girlfriend in with his wife and children. He kicked his wife out of the house and he kept the kids. We were all told that anyone who helped his wife would regret it. She had nothing. We all helped her. Repeated phone calls to the police started. They made false accusations on reports. Filed an injunction on the neighbor. Now they are taking pictures of our homes.

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Do you have am injunction against him? Has he filed false police reports against you? Has he committed any violent acts towards you. Taking pics of your home from a public place is not illegal. You don't out enough detail in your question for us to answer.

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We have no injunction against him. He called the police on us and said that we were harboring illegal immigrants in our home. My neighbors next door are having more problems than us. He calls the police and makes false accusations so they will come out and question us. He filed an injunction on our neighbors and the judge dismissed it. We never know when the police are going to show up on front step. No one instigates or even talks to them, yet they continue to harass us. We are all hesitant to do anything because he will cause more problems. This was a nice street until they moved in! I do not understand why a community cannot stop this aggravation.


Do you have an injunction against your neighbor? If he violates the injunction, you can call the police a have him arrested for violation of an injunction.

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I suggest starting off by contacting law enforcement. They can then determine whether there is probable cause to arrest him for stalking and/or violating the injunction.

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